Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Oceanography from satellite (SST, Ocean Color, radar altimetric data from satellite); radar detection systems designed to provide the state of wave motion and surface currents in coastal areas for the determination of the dispersion of pollutants in the sea.

Centro di Ricerca, Sviluppo e Studi Superiori in Sardegna

Simulation, design and optimization of new technologies for human and robotic space exploration within the ISRU (In Situ Resources Utilization) and ISFR (In Situ Fabrication and Repair) paradigms of NASA reference. Detailed view of aerospace aircraft. Improved Batched Multi-triangulation technology for integration within a robotic simulator for space missions. Extension of Batched Dynamic Adaptive Meshes technology for integration into moon landing simulators Development of innovative technologies for detail visualization during commercial aircraft design.

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica

Operational management of the Sardinia Radio Telescope, development of accessory equipment.

Università di Cagliari

Development of new technologies for human and robotic exploration of space within the ISRU (In Situ Resources Utilization) and ISFR (In Situ Fabrication and Repair) paradigms of NASA reference. Estimation of the water vapor content in the atmosphere from GNSS observations. Analysis of high resolution satellite images for the classification of the seabed. MODIS satellite data network in the Mediterranean basin. Space law, liability for damage to third parties caused by objects from space, legal problems of space tourism. Reliability analysis of photonic devices in space. Satellite telecommunications systems and networks. Satellite systems to aid mobility and smart cities. Positioning and tracking systems. Maritime and coastal traffic control systems. Development of static systems for the thermo-electric conversion of energy, aimed at use in spacecraft. Microwave components and antennas for astrophysical and aerospace applications.

Università di Sassari

Space biomedicine aboard sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons related to the role of microgravity and cosmic radiation on the human immune system and on different cellular systems including stem cells and their different destiny phenotypes. Aerospace law related to navigation in outer space above that subject to national jurisdiction. Extra-planetary geology. Preparation and characterization of polymeric materials, including nanocomposites, for advanced structural and functional applications in the aerospace sector. Regulation of the biosynthetic pathways of mycotoxins and possibility of application in conditions of microgravity. Modeling and simulation of chemo-hydrodynamic processes in conditions of microgravity and modulated gravity. Realization of thin protective and anticorrosive ceramic-based coatings with high operating temperature for space applications.

Accademia SAPR

Training of S.A.P.R. pilots, in accordance with the provisions of current Enac regulations; assistance for the preparation of manuals relating to RPAS; training of Sapr operators for National and International Government Bodies according to current regulations.


Design, construction and marketing of remotely piloted aircraft with integration of multi-spectral sensors and development of the related acquisition and processing software.


Present on the market since 1966, it has been able to develop, in over 30 years of life, all the activities related to aerial platform survey, completing the production chain, equipping itself with the necessary equipment for the preparation of numerical aerial photogrammetry cartography at different levels of detail. It focuses on the integration, management and distribution of geographic data through web-based GIS software, proposing cutting-edge solutions for advanced territorial management by Public Administrations.


World leader in solid, liquid and cryogenic space propulsion. Avio today has a strategic role in the space sector worldwide in the context of the Ariane 5 program, the largest European satellite launcher. Since 2000, through the investee company ELV (Avio 70%, Italian Space Agency 30%), Avio has been prime contractor and reference system engineer for the European carrier Vega, a light launcher for satellites up to 1,500 kg that has successfully carried out the qualification launch in February 2012 and the first commercial launch in May 2013. It has been present at the European Space Center in French Guiana – since 1984 – through the companies Regulus (60% Avio), for the production of the solid propellant for the boosters of the launchers and the loading of the engines of the first stage of Ariane and Vega, Europropulsion (50% Avio) for the assembly of the boosters, and finally ELV for the integration of the entire Vega launcher. Avio is also engaged in the tactical propulsion for which it produces the booster, that is the engine, of the Aster 30 missile and other products with a high technological content.

Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali Scpa

Implementation of the PRORA (National Aerospace Research Program), a government provision, developed in accordance with the National Research Program (PNR), with the National Space Plan (PSN) and with the needs expressed by the world of Industry and Research.

Rina Consulting Centro Sviluppo Materiali Spa

Joining activities for components in Ti and special Al alloys in the context of Clean Sky; Cr / Cd replacement techniques for aeronautical components; production of light nano-structured alloys for aeronautical applications; realization of laser joining technologies for aeronautical components in Ti alloys; manufacture of critical aeronautical structural components.


Dronelab, thanks to its experience gained since 2007, has specialised in the ‘ad hoc’ development of drones for scientific, professional and industrial purposes. Over the years, the drones it has developed have been widely used in numerous scientific and technological sectors: from SAR (Search & Rescue) research with ProCiv and SASS (Soccorso Alpino Speleologico Sardegna), Forestry Corps and Civil Protection, to the mapping of radioactive areas with INFN (Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare). The company operates in Tortolì and is involved in the design of unmanned aircraft systems ranging from classic configurations such as multirotors, to exploring new technological frontiers identified in VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) fixed-wing aircraft.

Fondazione di Sardegna

It pursues purposes of public interest and social utility, promoting the socio-economic development of the island. It operates by assigning grants or loans to projects and initiatives.

GEM Elettronica Srl

It operates in the electronics sector and is currently based in San Benedetto del Tronto; was born as a center for the development of radar technologies, today it produces radar equipment and integrated on-board systems, as well as inertial sensors, fiber optic gyrocompasses and software dedicated to navigation, coastal, port and airport control.

Geodesia Tecnologie Srl

Design and implementation of measurement systems in the field of geodesy, engineering and the environment; design, construction and management of the “SARNET” permanent GPS station network; provision of services in the field of geodetic and topographic measurements.

Innovative Materials Srl

Realization of UHTC (Ultra High Temperature Ceramics) bow cones capable of ensuring high resistance to hot oxidation (over 2000 C) and suitable for hypersonic and / or return flight, both characterized by particularly sharp aerodynamic profiles (sharp) to ensure greater maneuverability, flight path management capability and lower aerodynamic drag, compared to current aircraft.

Karalit Srl

Development of software for engineering simulation and modeling, in particular 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, KARALIT CFD which is a multi-purpose code with specific APP (predefined layouts) for the application sector. The current release contains two APPs dedicated to the study of fluid dynamics problems in the aerospace sector, the “ExtrernalAerodynamics” APP and the “Wind Tunnel” APP. CFD analysis is widely used in industrial design and design in the Aerospace sector. Currently this sector constitutes one of the key market segments on which the company is focusing. Among the main customers and users of KARALIT are important companies private companies in Europe and worldwide in the aerospace sector, including Alenia Aermacchi SpA, ChineseAerospace Establishment and CranfieldAerospace.


Leonardo develops multi-domain operational capabilities in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector.

The company plays a prominent role in major international strategic programmes and is a trusted technological partner of governments, defence agencies, institutions and enterprises. Innovation, continuous research, digital manufacturing and sustainability are the cornerstones of Leonardo’s business worldwide.

Lion Consulting

Since its foundation, it has worked as a sub-contractor of Airbus on existing programs in Munich. It also carries out “Business Development” activities on behalf of Airbus in some countries including Malta. The BAT project for industrial experimentation and research on an innovative navigation system based on inertial information to be tested on aircraft without pilot, partly financed by the Sardinia Region.

Mr8 Srls

It deals with the design and manufacture of products, machinery, equipment and equipment for the development and ground support of aerospace products and systems. The founding members dealt with design and prototyping for the research and development of the space sector, within ASI, ESA and the Piedmont Region orders.

Nemea Sistemi Srl

It carries out an intense activity in the Terrestrial Observation sector through the use of proprietary Intergraph technology (GeoMedia & ERDAS) very widespread worldwide, both for the measurement and for the study of the Earth’s surface and in the development of dedicated GIS based applications to the aerospace and utilities sector, use and processing of information from satellites / sensors / measuring instruments.

New Value Solutions Italia Srl

New Value Italia Srl is a recently established Italian subsidiary of New Value Solutions, founded in 2009 with clients throughout Canada and the United States. The parent company operates in the aerospace sectors, offering consultancy on four lines of services in the IT sector: implementation of IT projects, application support, IT management consultants and talent research.

New Value Italia, in particular, will focus on the areas of Cybersecurity, IT Security, quality and performance of software and hardware systems.

Novaeka Srl

It is a company with years in the aerospace industry. In particular, there are skills that cover all branches of engineering (software, electronic, mechanical, aerodynamic, etc). These skills have led to the study, development and construction of hybrid rocket engines, to the design and construction of:

  • experimental test-beds
  • FGSE for satellites
  • high precision support systems for the management of the thermal control of satellites
  • sloshing analysis of propellant tanks for satellites
  • development of miniaturized thrusters for hypersonic wind tunnel tests of a probe for the exploration of Mars
  • design of critical components intended for space use but entirely developed in Italy in order not to be subjected to ITAR or similar limitations
  • design of systems, including cryogenic ones, for testing and testing liquid rocket engines

Nurjana Technologies Srl

It is a systems engineering company specialized in the design, development and integration of complex systems with a high technological content; in the Defense and Aerospace sectors, Nurjana provides turnkey products and services, distinguishing itself in the design and implementation of application software on advanced platforms for Real Time and Mission Critical applications; the strength of Nurjana Technologies is a management team with many years of experience, gained in large industrial, national and international companies in the aerospace sector, well supported by young but experienced project leaders, systems engineers, designers and software specialists, who guarantee speed and efficiency in responding to customer needs; in particular, the company counts among its qualified resources some with specific skills in the PISQ domain, for what concerns the aspects of systems engineering, integration and tests, and operations engineering.

Oben Srl

Spin-off of the University of Sassari, can offer unmanned aerial systems (UAS or multirotors, airplanes or airships), latest generation electronic systems (completely adaptable to customer needs), sensors for specific applications and advanced data management, with an emphasis on cost reduction and reliability.

Opto Materials Srl

Supply of components and materials to the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2003; production of components installed on ALADIN 1, ALADIN 2, HELPS satellites.

Poema Srl

Design and prototyping of measurement systems based on optoelectronic technologies of microwave components and systems operating in the frequency range between 300 MHz and 100 GHz; design and development of data acquisition and processing software, created according to the specific needs of the Sardinia Radio Telescope.

Soliani Emc Srl

It operates in the field of protection from electromagnetic interference starting from 50 Hz up to cover, with its products and solutions, frequencies up to 30 GHz. It has silicones and fluorine silicones loaded with silver, silver / glass, nickel / graphite, silver / aluminum for both molding and extrusion. The company also has gasket coatings with conductive textiles and conductive paints. It supplies shielded gaskets on LEONARDO Agusta Westland helicopters, conductive textiles and glues on SUKOY superjet 100 civil aircraft and has supplied conductive gaskets on the Tetered satellite.

Space Spa

3D modeling and virtualization, with the creation of reconstructions, films and simulations; application of 3D visualization and dynamic manipulation techniques of aeronautical components and systems for the logistics and maintenance sector in favor of Air Force specialists with the experimentation of touchless interaction techniques and collaborative manipulation via the Internet; integrated multimedia infotainment systems for aircraft.

Spacearth Technology Srl

Satellite navigation
Earth observation
Space exploration
Marine monitoring


Stam is an engineering company that has been designing and developing innovative mechanisms, power transmission systems and mechatronic devices since 1997, supporting its customers in all phases of the product design cycle: conception, physical modelling and virtual prototyping, design of tools and subsystems, definition of systems and production cycles, reuse and recycling. The company, based in Sardinia, was founded thanks to seed funding provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) technology transfer programme, to develop an innovative speed reducer. Since then, the company has been successfully collaborating within ESA and European Commission programmes to develop ground investigation devices, servo actuators, hermetic sealing systems and test benches as well as developing hyperspectral imaging technologies with algorithms for real-time remote classification and identification. In recent years, Stam has been involved in several initiatives within ESA’s Clean Space programme. Franco Malerba, Italy’s first astronaut, is the company’s Scientific Advisor and Business Coach.

3D Aerospazio Srls

Construction, certification, marketing and use for research and educational purposes of flight simulators.

U-AVItalia Srl

It is an integrator of complex systems with the aim of aggregating, through research and experimentation, producers of goods and services in the industrial sector of remotely piloted systems; at the moment it manages the ENAC-funded project in which Piaggio Aerospace participates, among others, for the development of the P1HH drone for postal applications.